Thursday, August 26, 2010

You know you're an idiot when....

Picture it, yesterday my husband is on the phone with me ,from Finland.

Me "I hate to tell you this but the computer died."

Him "Try this ,try this ,try this. "

Me "nope ,still nothing. "

Him "are there any disks in the drives? "

me...checking the cd player. "No ,there's nothing in there."

I can tell he's becoming more and more frustrated by my lack of tech skills. I can feel it through the phone that he wants to throttle me like a chicken.

Eventually ,he makes an appointment with the geek squad to come "diagnose" my computer..on MONDAY.

Ugh. I already feel as if I will die . No smoking AND no internet. Lord help me.

Last night as I walk by the printer I notice that I had left my camera card in the drive thingy. (technical term)

I take it out and restart the computer.

Hellowwwww MORON.

That was the problem all along.

Am I senile? Why, yes ,I think maybe I am.


I'm busy packing right now, I shall be back latah!

Happy Thursday!


Jamie said...

OMGosh, this made me laugh! Something I would do...

Teehee. :)

Mary said...

I had to chuckle. Sorry. Just know that you aren't alone in the Computer Challenged Club. I'm right there with you.

Mary said...

I'm not sure when you're returning to England. Since we'll be away for a few days I just wanted to say, "Travel safely. Let us know when you're safely in your winter home."