Thursday, August 12, 2010

I have no shoe shame......

When I was 11 years old we had just moved to Hot Springs, I started school at Lakeside middle school. We lived way out in the sticks by Lake Catherine. Our nearest neighbor was a mile away and I was madly in love with his son ,Craig Smith.

All the "cool girls" , including the cheerleaders ,wore these exact saddle shoes.

I wanted some soooo bad ...I thought I would die.

At the time ,my mom was working at Dillards ,downtown ,in the cosmetics department.

Right next door was the shoe store with these "symbols of normalcy" staring out at me every time I walked by.

To make matters worse, the orphanage was right next door to our school.

Imagine my horror when even the orphans had "MY shoes" and I didn't .

I begged my dad to buy me those shoes ,but when he sent us money for a specific thing (like life altering shoes) my mom usually kept (and used it) for whatever.

I finally got a pair of those shoes when I was 12 and by then we had moved to Bakersfield, California. My coveted shoes were not "all the rage " there but I LOVED them and I wore them all the time.

Call me senile, call me me whatever you want .......but I'm about to turn 40 freakin' 8 years old and what do I want ? What do I really ,really want?

(besides a digital SLR camera)

I really want those shoes.

Would I be ashamed to wear them? I really don't think so. I'm going to be in England and Copenhagen.....walking my ass off. I'm going to be skinny and those shoes are just as cute as they ever were.Just the thought of looking at them on my feet makes me happy. Maybe I'll start a new fashion trend.Even if I don't .....they can bite my old dimply ass.
I WANT those shoes.

What do you think?

A sneaker version?

(it's fake leather though)

A dressy version?

May not be walker friendly. (???)

OR the good old original?

What would YOU do?

Yes I DO know I'm weird.....but trust me ....once you get old, it's ok. You could go at any time.
Embrace the happy ...that's what I say! :)

If I married you or gave birth to you my dream shoes can be found at


OR....My dream camera is also available there:

You Save:
$245.05 (26%)

Love me


Anonymous said...

OMG-I wanted the shoes too. I got some off version when I was 12 or 13. Get the old fashion ones, they are adorable. -Heidi

Anonymous said...

Me, too! I bought some red ones when I was about your age. Loved them! aj

Mary said...

Don't live another week without those shoes! I wanted them when I was in school but mother loved the good old Buster Brown oxfords. Gag!!

Harry has the older version of the camera. (I am afraid to use it so I gifted myself with a simple point-and-shoot.) You can see some of his camera work with the camera at

Anonymous said...

I remember those shoes. All the girls wore them in middle school and a lot of high school. Get the shoes - the classic version, not the dress up. You only go round once in this world - might as well enjoy it. They will fit right in in Europe - you may start a fad - just like jeans 30 years ago. The classic version looks just right for comfortable walking. Buy them now for yourself - you can afford it. You haven't used your boat this week so the savings in gasoline will equal the new shoes. G5

Golden To Silver Val said...

Last year I found these at JCPenney's in girl's sizes. I bought them for my granddaughter and all the other kids LOVED them. I found them again this year...on a better sale than last year...$23 Not sure if they have them in adult sizes but their version is made by Keds and its done very nicely. You might check out KEDS website....maybe you'll get lucky. LOLOLOLOL
I'm a shoe whore I completely understand.

Anonymous said...

the original ones...hand down. OMG, I LOVE THEM.

SOUL said...

ebrace the happy -- that's what i say tooooo-
it IS the shoes.
i wore vans before -- umm, and after -- they were cool :))