Monday, August 30, 2010

Call the nut house, she's gonna blow!

Picture it, yesterday morning spouse calls me .It barely looks light out. He was all "Oh did I wake you up?"

Me : thinking it's the crack of dawn "yes, I was trying to finish the dream I was having. But I need to get up any way ,Cavuto goes to the Vet at 9:00."

Him : "Well you have 10 minutes!"

Me : "Nut Uh ,you liar."

He wasn't kidding, it really WAS 10 'til 9.

(insert cuss words)

When I went to find Cavuto to take him to the Vet ,what a delightful surprise it was to find him IN the carrier bag! Bwa ha ha! (he thought he was going to have a nice nap in there) All I had to do was zip the bag closed and we were on our way.

Cavuto screamed his head off for the entire drive .

He was growling and everything by the time we got there.

"Get away from me with that anal probe!"

He had licked his stomach bald again . Apparently the life of being a spoiled rotten cat is very nerve wracking.The poor little thing.

After a steroid shot and a rectal temp. Cavuto decided the truck wasn't so bad after all.

Not a peep out of him on the way home.


Chewing his nails ....oh the stress of it all!


My former dinosaur music system .
And by former I mean up until a couple weeks ago.

Oh the humiliation.

Ta da! My new modern day "music thingy"


As you may recall I am trying to quit doing that thing, which I am not going to talk about .

So suffice it to say, some days have been quite hellish lately.
I can not bring myself to talk on the phone for more than a few seconds. (I'll call you soon ,my children)

Take yesterday morning for example. I woke up and discovered that I had no internet. Then I walked into the living room and remembered that my entire basket of stuff (cell phone, pens, straws, wedding rings) had fallen and spilled inside the couch. I spent an hour moving the heavy ass couch back and forth, trying to find my wedding ring. I was ready to bawl my head off by the time I found it wedged into part of the wooden frame of the couch.

Still no internet. UGH! I was on the verge of meltdown. I tried to put smaller ear bud covers on my "music thingy' ,the rubber tips kept flying off across the room.

I finally got them on and I stormed out into the drizzle for a nice grueling walk. I was so upset over (nothing really) it all, I felt like lying down on the road and just having a screaming kicking tantrum like a 3 year old.

I was literally telling myself "you're just fine. everything is just fine"
(crazy much? )

I did feel better after my walk but there was still no frekin' internet.

By evening time I called the damn cable company all indignant and "well, how dare you people ruin my life like this. I have had NO internet ALL day! What is going on ?"

She shattered my huffiness when she replied "ma am ,your service was turned off for non payment."

(oh great. LOL my spouse forgot to pay the damn bill) She let me pay right then, over the phone and the day was saved. My internet was back about 10 minutes later.

Here's to better days :)


"does this carpet make me look fat?"

Happy humpday peeps!

Luv Me


Vicki says said...

No cigs huh????Very proud of you... that video..poor cavuto.....and i can not believe you slept til 9:00 never ever sleep passed the crack of dawn ever...are you all right love ya...CALL ME..when you feel better..

Anonymous said...

Well, that splains where you been. No internet? It does pay to pay the bill. Ha! Hang in there. G5

Anonymous said...

good luck on the quitting...I am getting ready to quit (ha ha) have you gone through the, you know the...(clearing throat) umm..., change...I think I am...the grouchy, sobby, happy in-between neurotic,roller coaster! I have started taking some herbs and they are helping!

SOUL said...

your life sounds like mine-- and i smoke! i have cut down - tremendously this last near week, but only cuz it's torture to smoke. well actually laying down is the worst thing to do. i slept in a chair last night. ugh. it'll kill ya someday. just remember that. keep it up! hopefully i'll be on the wagon soon as well.
still no news from the dr. so of course i am tryinng the - no news is good news idea-- then in the FRONT of my mind i hear-- she's afraid to tell me somethin. :(( i'm such a hypocondriac.


oh- speakin of your couch. (es) we just listed our furniture to sell... you sure ya wannna just let yours sit in storage for mice to pee on? not to mention the haulin it in and out of there? i'l give ya whatever we get for ours for it-- and pick it up teeewww. :)) think about it-
chillax womann... you can lead me by example-