Thursday, August 19, 2010

I'm in shoe Heaven...

I got 'em!!!!!!! I got 'em!!!!!!

WOO HOOO !!!! I got my dream shoes!!!

The question is ......whom did I get them from.
My husband and my oldest son both told me I had a package coming from UPS. I don't know who to thank .

Last night these arrived with no packing slip at all.

(Wes, did you get me my shoes? )

I shall wear them today and see if anyone notices them. I'll report back latah'

Luv me


SOUL said...

happy for you-- i say screw people if they don't like em!!!
do what makes you happy!
wear em til the SOUL falls off !
love you!

SOUL said...

PS - I cannot -- post on my BLOG. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Wesley said...

I got those for you. Your other sons are most certainly going to chip in! Love ya.

vicki says said...

of course you got your shoes.. and so happy for you.. well details<are they comfy....there is nothing like a good pair of shoes you been wanting, kinda makes ya wanna skip!