Monday, August 9, 2010

Summer's ovah'

Me,being hit with brilliant idea "Hey! I wonder if those magic erasers would work to whiten teeth."

My spouse,Mr. Complementary "What for? Then you'd just look like an old person with white teeth."

"I should prefer to be an old person with yellow teeth?"

Well, excuuuuuse me.


Scenes from the lake .

Click the pics to biggen them :)

Floozi2 and Lake farmer on the "git her done"

A beautiful rainbow

Artsy lake shot

Ahhh serenity

Blessed shade :)

My summer is officially over. My hubby should be landing back on British soil any second now.

I got back from the airport and walked in here,boy was it quiet and empty feeling.

My house is also beyond a pig sty.It's going to take me a week to put it back in order.

*Clink* Here's to the end of a wonderful summer.

Have a great Tuesday peeps!


myomyohi said...

It's not completely over yet. You can probably suck a little more fun out of it before you go back to your other home.

Wesley said...

It was a great summer! Love you Ma