Friday, June 4, 2010

Why didn't any one tell me I was so shrimpy?

Hi ya'll ,

Day before yesterday, the boat people sent two guys over here .They pulled the boat forward a few inches with a come-a-long, lowered the lift and wa la! The boat was freed from it's hideous predicament. No damage seems to have been done .It took them all of 20 minutes. Whew! What a relief. Of course relief came with a price. $ 127 dolla's .
It could have been much worse though. Let's hope I never do THAT again shall we.

Yesterday was the day Vicki (aka Poodles) arrived .Usually when I have to go to the airport I leave early and shop (thrift store) my way there. I left here about 10 and picked up my aunt Lu Lu on the way. Her and I shopped our way to the airport and here's what I found.....

Insulated lunch/boat bag.......2 bucks.

This brand new shelf thing. Lu lu got one too.
12 bucks. Score!

Plaque with revolting paint job.

It will be fabulous when I'm done with it.

2 bucks.

We left the last store in a rush because we had a half hour until vicks flight.

We watch all the people exit .

Hmmm.. No Vicki.

We went outside for a ciggie and my sister calls me "Have you heard from Vicki? "

"No, why? "

"She just facebooked that she missed her flight in Dallas."

Oh lovely.

She usually misses a flight. Dang it!

Well the next flight is only an hour away . So we wait and wait.

Ah ha! There she last. Of course her bag is no where to be found .

We finally get it from the locked little room.
Vicki was exhausted having been up since 3. And hungry food on those flights. (cheap asses)

We got home and Eva stopped by to see us.

Vicki refused to be in any pictures because as soon as she stepped out into the Arkansas humidity her hair turned into an afro.

(not her actual fro)

(that cracks me up)

We're off today to meet my sister and Soul kid. We're going to the middle of nowhere and then the crystal mine. I'll be back tomorrow with oodles of pictures. I'm so excited! Our adventure begins :)

Have a great day guys!

Luv me


Smocha said...

O.k. so the thing is getting used to the time changed...wake up at 7:00 am my reality..5......oh and we both KNOW THIS time is was not my fault I missed my connecting flight... the damn plane in la took off to late.. so i missed my connecting...But other than that ...the people were nice< no mishaps...and IT is so good to see my bff again...Thank you for having me!..oh this post is from me vicki!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on getting your schooner off the reef and am glad there is no damage to it. Now, go and enjoy the boat and remember to line up the little white dome thingy with the post - every time. G5