Saturday, June 19, 2010

Vacations should come with xanax........

Stuff that went wrong :

Boat stuck on lift - $127.00 to remedy

Vicki missed her connecting flight.

Soul nearly got in a bad wreck

Motel in Y city gone to hell in a hand bag

Water main broke at motel, no running water

Vicki stepped in dog crap right outside motel door, barefooted

Soulkid left her 600.00 camera at motel

Diarrhea accident at crystal mine (never mind WHO it was)

Soul got a tick at the cemetery

I had to get new tires

Soul had to have her car checked for damage after her near wreck

Fishing cut short by impending thunderstorm

Number of fish caught- Zilch

Times I drove the wrong way in Memphis – at least 6

Vicki left her wallet at the motel in Memphis

Vicki lost her phone at Graceland

Thrift stores we called looking for her phone –about 7

(phone was found after it spent the night at Graceland)

Days we were trapped at home waiting for plumbers and drywall repair guys -2

Bad foods eaten :Chicken fried steak,numerous buffets,grilled hot dogs and sausage,numerous cans of chicken spread,potato chips,fried chicken,fried squash,bacon, grits,chocolate eclair cake, blueberry cake and pecan pie.

Pounds we gained in 2 weeks – at least 5

Times we were at each others throats in Memphis – 3 or 4

Times I naggingly said "Do you have your phone? Your wallet? " -about 5 million

Scary black dude tried to hit on me in ghetto goodwill.

Fun times had in spite of it all - countless

Vacation with my homies :Priceless

" What the &^%$ is a shoehorn?"


SOUL said...

this is great ! we had a wonderful time out there. i do think i'm a little happy we didn't continue on to graceland -- sounds like things went a bit south there. and you got mean :(( poor vicki.
maybe i can make it next time for a few days. i loved every minute of it!

i forgot all about the shoehorn thing -- i cracked up laughin all over again!

i finally bought the electronic version of catchphrase the other day! can't wait to play on our TN trip- woo hoo. it's gettin close. i hope the stress stays here like it did when i went to your place.
that was a welcomed surprise.

anyhow-- now you can chill, and play catchup.

then what?

ahh.. by then, we will be baaaaack !

see ya soon!
love me

starsimplified said...

What a great post! But, goodness gracious! I can't believe all that stuff happened to you! But,look on the bright side, it will make for some great stories. Glad you had a good time anyway!

Anonymous said...

You must lie awake at night thinking up these marvelous events and happenings to share with your loved ones. Not! This was hilarious to read. You deserve things to go smoothly for once - but will it ever happen? G5

just having a good time says vicki said...

I would change nothing...ok maybe the mood swings....but i loved it was so good to see soul and meet her teenage child...who the last time i saw was fighting overe toys with my boy.....(they are the same age..and allot more in common now that i am home am relizing)....would i change a thing...yep....watching my phone was all an amazing adventure...from y watching soul with her children at the cemetry....that was very say the least....and yes i smelting at the crystal catch phrase...which i am also gonna bye...and all of these memories and more......PRICELESS!

I love ya sister...and soul sistah too...