Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I lived to tell.......

Hey ya'll,

Well yesterday when the lift guy called me back he was talking about having 7 guys coming over here and doing something to get the boat off the lift. You KNOW that would have cost a fortune! He also sent me a work order to sign. I thought "No way can I sign this without letting my spouse know what's going on."

I had to email him and send him the pictures. Luckily ,he didn't kill me:)
He was actually pretty sweet about the whole fiasco.

After I talked to him ,I went down to the boat place . They are supposed to come in a couple days ,take the prop off and pull the boat forward a few inches , then it should float off the lift.
(Fingers crossed)

I have a hair in my eye and I'm too blind to find it. It's driving me mad!

Puffin, the traveling pig arrived yesterday.
Cavuto greeted her with a warm welcome.

Vicki arrives tomorrow and then girl week is officially under way. (boat or no boat)
Soul arrives the next day. Yee haw!

I have lots of chores to do before the day is over andddd it's half of a half day. I 'm out of heah'

Have a great days peeps!

Oh, P.S.

Don't O'Reilly and Cavuto look like bad ass mean cats in that new pic?


SOUL said...

are all your peeps really THAT incompetent to remove the prop and do that-- for nothhin?? i told you -- it is ONE bolt! hell, even I could do it-- i have done it. eegads. you're gonna pay a few hundred dollars to do what one of your friends could do with a ratchet!
you're givin me a panic attack.
anyhow-- it's you're money. and it's ok. better to have it done by people who know what they're doin anyhow-- there are some 'gears ' in there that could easily be screwed up if ya don't line things up right. so really you are doin the right thing.

but hey-- ya gotta give me my kudos for my troubleshootin skillz-- c'mon.. i'm waitin. :))
i wasn't even there-- and knew what to do :))
once a mech- always a mech -- bwa hhahaha-

and hey- why are you bein so ruuuude to me? stop hatin.

i'm gettin excited about the trip out there-- but the thought of the drive is killin me already. have coffee and food, and tea-- even if it's store bought - ready for me :))

see ya soon

love me-
ps- happy hubby didn't get mad...
funny how they get mad over the dumb stuff and the big stuff they feel sorry for us eh?

looks like you got a good one after all

vickis random rattling on..... said...

at my mom's and girl week has already begun,as i have no kids with me and....its only her and i ...glad you got the boat fixed for free....and i will be there tomorrow...puffin is so cute.. for got to ask how did puffin get his name... with my mind puffin can mean anything.....see you tomorrow ..afternoon checkyour excited....oh and can't wait to see brenda.....we are gonna have the best if i wasn"t so friggin bloated.. i would feel better.....bloat bloat thats me....

Anonymous said...

Well, I was gonna name her Popo the traveling pig, but then I decided that I really liked the name Puffin (and when pigs run, you know they start puffin till they catch their breath.) So Puffin the traveling pig....since she was smushed into the road when I found her I could have named her Roadkill...but that doesn't roll off the tongue so much.

Jamie said...

Have an awesome time!!!


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