Sunday, June 13, 2010

Memphis and Hot Springs

Hi ya'll,

We've been to Memphis and beautiful downtown Hot Springs. Here are a couple videos......better get comfortable first because they are pretty long.

I'm a picture takin' fool.

I'll get to the details of the trip as soon as I can.

Have a great day!

Luv me


Golden To Silver Val said...

Wow...thank you for these...they were all great....although I do have a bunch of questions running through my mind now. Puffin is going to be the envy of all the girls back home...touchin' Elvis's vehicle and all. They're gonna be so jealous.
You didn't take her in the juke joint did ya? Not a good place for a good southern least not for a few years anyway. LOLOLOLOL

lisa said...

was it still a mess from the spring floods?

desert dirt diva said...

Puffin has had a great adventure so far....she did love Elvis tho...but was really envious when my cell phone got to stay at Graceland for the night...and she didn't....But that is a whole nother story...hmmmmmmm maybe I should up date my blog....what a concept!

Anonymous said...

Cool pics! Puffin must be that little pig with a 2 on it. He was everywhere. Those bath house row pics look so familiar - now where have I seen those bathhouses? G5

SOUL said...

hmmm. somehow i didn't watch the bathouse vid on my last trip over. i musta been in a hurry or somethin. these are good. lotsa pix, that's for sure .. i'll email you another option vs, a disc for the pix. and a way to get you some i have that you don't.

anyhow-- first question -- why did you choose such depressing music? y'all were sposed to be havin FUN. geesh. this was cry in your beer tunage. why?

second question? - the bathhouse - WTH? know what that place reminded me of? a damn 50 year old asylum from a scary movie! good lawd. do folks still actually use those places? or are they just for tourists to scope out? seriously -- that wooden table thing , hangin by chains, that puffin was layin on? WTH is that for anyhow? torture! i would take one look at that stuff, and run the other way !

otherwise -- great video- terrific memories. i know you guys had a ball, and i know it's gonna be tough when vicki leaves. give her a hug from us . maybe i can go out again next time for a couple days-- kidless?

anyhoo-- catchy latah -
love me

Anonymous said...

my puffin is so cute....I love her and it looks like she had a lot more fun with you than on my peeing beach trip.

Cin said...

Puffin just arrived yesterday. She was so tired so I let her sleep. She will go on some adventures for the next couple of days. My blog is on lock down for the moment but I will open it back up again to show Puffin's pics. Thanks for sending her my way!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Music on blog pic? I mute! This heat is horrible working outside! aj