Friday, June 11, 2010

Girl week :Part One

Hi ya'll ,

Having a great time . Just got back from Memphis . I've been busy as hell ,too busy to do a real post so here are a couple videos until I get caught up.

Hope you all are behaving and all's good in your worlds.

Love me


Golden To Silver Val said...

OMG that motel room is to die for, isn't it? Well, at least there was carpeting...we once stayed in one similar to that and there was cracked linoleum on the floor. LOL, I'd love to hear the story about the BIG hole in the wall in the shower though, wouldn't you? Looks like you're showing Puffin a good time. Love the studly pig sign at the bar....hope she didn't try to pick up one. Bwhahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Alls I gotta say about that motel is AAACCKKKKK!! What were you trying to do - save money? Looks like $19. a night. I would worry about your safety in whatever the neighborhood must be like - bullet proof vests anyone? Acckkkkk!! And the pool has about 2 weeks of algae growth in it. Smocha you can do better than this. Your hubby is an executive and all. G5

SOUL said...

i'll take the fall for the motel. i guess i'll just stick with my stealth visits - and no one will have to put themselves below their means again. i didn't think it would be that bad for y'all. in a year - or by the next time i go back anyhow it will have been remolded anyways.
so. enough of that.

i love the videos, and got a good laugh-- for a minute.

funny you chose -we are family- cuz i thought of that song too-- for a video-
anyhow- i hi-jacked you vidz - cuz i don't have these pics.

rest up girls - there's fun to be had
love you guys

Smocha said...

Ok ,I have to explain about the motel. Our family cemetery is literally out in the middle of cow pastures. That motel is the ONLY motel within 30 miles of the cemetery. We've been going there for over 20 years. It used to be a quaint, country place ...out in the middle of nowhere. Apparently new owners bought it 5 years ago and obviously ,they have let it get a little run down.

The pool is filled with creek water. They use fire trucks to do it.

Don't take it personal Soul. LOL
We were just a tad shocked and trying to have fun with it.

G5, See above :)
The most dangerous thing out there is a pile of dog doo. Hey ,the air conditioner did work like a charm though :)

SOUL said...

it's ok.

just some stuff hurt my good feelins for a while- but it wasn't you guys.

have fun for me. i already wish i was still there :))

ethelmaepotter! said...

Good lord, you two are SISTERS! I mean, you wouldn't have even had to tell me - it's like the same person is writing two different blogs. Weird. And funny.

Came over from Soul's place, where I've already watched the videos - I LOVE THEM!!

My initial reaction to the motel was a combination of hilarity and revulsion, but now I understand. I've stayed at some similar places in my life, too. One that stands out was in a place in Gatlinburg, TN. It was advertised as a two bedroom suite with kitchenette and balcony over the creek. Well, it turned out to be dark and gloomy with two full size beds, then a closet sized room at the rear with an army cot and blanket, a cube fridge on the floor and a microwave on the shelf over the closet rod. Since I'm barely five feet tall, I could OPEN the microwave, but there was no way I could push the buttons. And the balcony over the creek? Yeah, it was there, right outside the room, but you either had to go outside the front door and walk all the way around the motel, or climb out the window.

And then there was the room where I stayed ON MY HONEYMOON. Fred's band was booked for a week at a club in Greenville, Mississippi, and I shared a room with him and two other guys in the band!!!! This was our HONEYMOON, for heaven's sake! It reminded me a lot of your room, except with the addition of dirty Pampers in the trash cans and outside the bathroom window.

Oh, yeah, I live a life of luxury.

Debbie said...

Okay..I laughed out loud at the PIG..until I saw the video, then flat out peed laughing!

The shower? OMG

Psycho came to mind...

So happy ya'll had such a wonderful time BWHAAAAAAA!