Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Crap on a cracker,it's HOT out there!

We're having a heat wave. It's too hot to even go outside.The pool is like bath water. By noon the inside of my truck is like a furnace.

It's that time of year again. Time for my annual yard sale. I've been working like a dog trying to dig out yard sale stuff. If it ain't nailed down it's out a here!

I'm sick of clutter.And..... when I go back to my other home this time, we may rent out our condo unfurnished.

Meaning I 'll have the joyous task of packing up every thing we own and moving it to storage.


Frankly, just the thought of it overwhelms me. I plan to own way less stuff by then.

Yesterday I managed to tackle the living room.
I took everything out of there (yes, that's all of the stuff piled up in the dining room,covered in a years worth of dust) I washed the windows, dusted everything,moved the furniture around ,which was like throwing myself at the couches like a human battering ram,those bitches are HEAVY.Then once all was clean ,I put most of it back.

Some went into the yard sale pile.

One room down. I think if I do it one room at a time ,maybe it won't seem so overwhelming.

Wish I had an assistant :)

I know this makes for thrilling blog fodder. he he . So I'll shut up now.

Have a great weekend !


Anonymous said...

Try working outside in 1010 heat index with no humidity! Green beans, butter beans,squash, cucumbers, tons of tomatoes that can't wait. Think of all the poor people who can't afford air conditioners! They're having a fan drive to collect and distribute to people in need. aj

Mary said...

Keep the "clear-it-out" info rolling. Maybe it will inspire me. I think I could fill a good size store with just my junk.

midwesttomidlands said...

Your blog posts are always interesting. Guess what we are having a heat wave in England too- yet no air con at home. But hey it's better than cold and damp any day. Good luck on the yard sale. I know what you mean after a while you just want to get rid of stuff. As they say Kepp Calm and Carry On:)

midwesttomidlands said...

I mean Keep Calm not Kepp Calm.

Anonymous said...

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