Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Spacious flat,my ass.....

I have spent the last few days desperately searching for a new house over in England. By new ,I mean one that is

A. not out in the middle of nowhere
B. One that is not an absolute cracker box
C. not totally lacking a closet

Is it so much to ask that a living room be big enough to hold a couch,without the couch having to be at some weird angle?

Apparently ,yes,it is too much to ask. Why are the houses over there so damn dinky??

In one ad I saw, they were actually bragging "This flat is over 800 square feet!"

I'm sorry, what? I think my living room is 800 square feet here at home.

Seriously,what is this living room about 8 feet wide?

(note the dining room table right behind the couch)

When the dining room table must be crammed right by the couch this is called an "open plan lounge"

What if I need end tables?

That little square of wood, yes folks that IS the living room.

A personal favorite.or NOT!

This kitchen right in the same room would make me feel like I was living in a motel room.

A spacious bedroom. Also known as a "single"
That's the whole thing.Oh and no closet. Where would you put your clothes?

Now we're cooking. This is known as a "double"

It boggles my mind that there are entire families living in this amount of space.

Pardon me now while I go scream my frustrated head off.

Happy Tuesday Peeps!


Wesley said...

Dinky at best.

midwesttomidlands said...

I see you have been having fun with blogger design too! I like your background. I think I am finally done messing with mine for now, but a woman can change her mind right?
In regard to lodging in the old country - maybe you will have to get a 3 bedroom place and use one of the bedrooms for a closet. Or one with a garage, or better yet, get two places.

Kim said...

House hunting in the UK (and Ireland) is the pits. And the whole no closets thing. I was watching a UK home improvement show and there was a closet under the stairs. The host of the show thought this was the most idiotic thing. Ridiculous!

LOve Me said...

I Liked the motel.. room one, the best....imagine people used to raise whole families in houses smaller than that.....My grandmas house was small and it was nothing for her to be helping put her other family members up,...staying with them....myself it would really be hard to get used to having no closets.....but i think it would be perfect for 2 people....adjusting would be hard...

Anonymous said...

The bedrooms you have pictured here are spacious in comparison to the room I had as an Au-Pair in Ickenham outside of London. I could stick out one leg and hold the door closed. Good Luck on your hunt!

Anonymous said...

I really like your new design. It's very calming and peaceful. As for the places you've looked at...well, I hope you keep looking. You deserve a better place than last year's! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

Anonymous said...

I think the English colonized America because of dinky small quarters at home with no closets. I do not know what the Brits have against closets? Where are they sposed to put their clothes and shoes? This will be a new chapter for your book "Life in a Phone Booth". New design is quite kewel. G5

Meg said...

I must say, we've really, REALLY lucked out with this cottage. I'm not sure how many square feet, but our living room is probably the size of my in-laws' living room AND kitchen...it's HUGE for being in England.

I hate to see what our options will be when we go to buy in a few more years.

Smocha said...

Ugh! I just don't understand it.

We are out of time for getting a new place for now, my hubby comes home on the 14th.

He'll be home for a few weeks and then I go back to good ole England in September.I hope he gets a new place and moves before I get there.

I'll have the joy of packing up this house by myself. (It's going to storage) The thought of having to do it there as well sounds like too much .

Oh the thrill of being an expat. LOL

I like the new blogger designs too.
This color scheme rocks :)

I may as well go do an actual post .

SOUL said...

barracks life comes to mind :O