Friday, July 30, 2010

I'm back.......

Hi ya'll!

Long time no see. I have literally been too busy to blog for weeks. Fun busy ,though.

We have had lots of company and lots of good times. First we had my hubby's uncle and his girlfriend here for a few days.Then we had 3 sons,one wife,one girlfriend, one sister,one niece and one brother in law.
My first husband was even thrown in the mix for a couple days there. He stayed at the motel with the kids though.

Hubby and I have baked ourselves on the boat for so long we look like a couple of old leather shoes.
The kids used sunscreen ,varying SPF's of 15 to 100.

I overheard my spouse tell someone "Getting a tan is the only way "we" can look better."
(what ,you have a geriatric mouse in your pocket?)
I like the way he included ME in that statement.


Things said repeatedly:

Who’s watching Soulkid?

I’m NOT buying beer.

I think I have a priapism.

Don’t worry, there’s an EMT on board.

He’s your favorite.

Slow down!

Don’t do back flips.

What is there to eat?

Don’t do stupid shit.

Don't let the cats out!

Whose wet shorts are all over the bathroom?


Things never said:

Please, I insist, let ME do the dishes.

Let ME pay for that.

I would love to do some laundry now.


Games played:



Battle of the sexes


Nights we stayed up past our bed time:

All of them


Fights we had amongst ourselves:

Zero (that I’m aware of)

There was that one drunken computer debate, but since neither party remembered it, I guess it doesn’t count. I DO have the video though.


Only child girlfriends we probably scarred for life:

One (sorry Mel)


Overprotective girl mothers we scared to death:

One (sorry Soul)


Household problems solved:

One broken ice maker (fixed by Hubby)

One reinstalled toilet (200 bucks to plumber)

One clogged up air conditioner (fixed by hubby)


Hope you all had a great time!

Love Me


SOUL said...

great post !! and yes - scared to death - but i did have a great time. even if i am runnin on fumes. it's been a busy ass summer, no?
love you sis
hi scottly

Pearl said...

Sounds like you've got everything under control!


Golden To Silver Val said...

Lots of good memories being made...glad everyone had a fun time. I wanna see the tan!!!

bettyl said...

I'm glad to know that real life takes the front seat in your travels! Sounds like a great time. Try a little harder to scar the 'other' folks next time!

Anonymous said...

What a great summary! Soul child is beautiful. I cannot believe she is "available". She oughta be in the movies or on TV. Glad you got your stuff fixed. G5

Smocha said...

LOL Just for the record, Soul kid is only 16 .

Hubby and I are still recovering from all those late nights .it sucks to be old!

Tina... said...

I'm so glad ya'll had fun but I've gone damn near blind trying to read the shitting ass baby blue letters....have to go to the optomotrist now.