Thursday, July 15, 2010

It's 7:30 and I already need a nap......

My man is home ya'll!

Why didn't it occur to me to give myself a day off before he got here? (slap self in head)

I left 5 hours early for the airport yesterday because I "shop" my way there. I went to Target and Khols. (we don't have them fancy stores here,in my podunk town)

His flight was supposed to arrive at 5:30.I had just barely parked and walked into the airport when he called me"where are you?"

The flight was half an hour early. We have an hour drive back home and what do you suppose the first thing my exhausted,jet lagged husband wants to do?

That's right ...go out on his boat!

One problem,I have been too busy to touch the boat since "girl week" ,so there is hardly any gas in it.

All the gas places are closed by 7 p.m. so we couldn't go far.

He hasn't eaten since noon, been up for 23 hours. We get back from the boat and I hear those dreaded words "What are you fixing me? "

(*ugh* tired old lady here, not used to fixing food at 9 p.m. )

"how about a sandwich?"

"only if it's grilled and some vegetables too."

Of course,my love :(

His cell phone started ringing at 4 A.M. ,those people over there NEVER seem to remember the time difference.

I'm freaking tired!!!


I also got to spend a hundred bucks of my yard sale money on new bathroom rugs.That just doesn't seem right.

THIS is what happened to my old ones the last time I washed them .

So in case you've ever asked yourself "how long do cheap walmart bath rugs last?"

Assuming you wash them occasionally ,the answer is about 5 years. Well ,2, if you like to have a backing on them.


Not sure what our big plan is for today ,but we have 4 days before company starts arriving.
We have hubbys uncle and his girlfriend coming, then my 3 kids, one girlfriend,one daughter in law ,and my sister,her hubby and their daughter .

Right now this house is so clean and uncluttered you could eat off anything but the cat box!I have worked so hard I should be skinny.

I guess cleaning the boat should be a priority.

My husband has not been home since last August. Pity for him, his "honey do" list is quite long.It's not going to be a very restful vacation for him.

I should go wake him up right now and see if he wants to go clean the boat before the heat index gets up to 110 degrees. We're having a heat wave. (again)

I just went and asked him . His reply "I want a couple aspirin."

I take that as a "no" to cleaning the boat.

Well, I guess I'm on my own for the morning.

Have a great day Peeps!


vicki said...

well call when ya get a moment! have a great time ya..what is your address..

Anonymous said...

Congrats on getting your man back. Do not complain too much - remember how lonely it was before he arrived. Have him fix the ice maker for sure. Best time to clean the boat is between 7 and 9 am - too beastly hot after that. G5

Anonymous said...

Update, please! aj