Sunday, July 4, 2010


this is my very first time on the BRENDA PHOTO post.

The theme is Freedom.

I may have gone a little hog wild...

but in some way ,all of these pictures represent freedom to me.

Check it out !

AFTER you look at MY version of freedom :)

Blogger won't let me move my words.ack!

Only one of these pics was taken outside of the USA. Can you guess which one?

God Bless America babies!

We are so lucky.

Happy independence day peeps!

Luv me


Smocha said...

Oh, I posted twice go back and read the other one too :)

Cin said...

I love the pic of the cat with the sweater on! That is too cute! I have tried that stuff with my two cats and have gotten very bad results! LOL!!

SOUL said...

these are great ! love them all.
i do know which one was in england- only cuz i saw that post- so i won't ruin it.

good job sis !!! keep doin it-- i haven't been over to the challenge link yet today -- they get the new topic up pretty quick.. so keep up on it k-- they run about every 3 weeks i think.. the way you take pix - i know you can keep up with it- just make sure ya sign in next time.. i forgot this one too :(( very busy lately- but i played anyhow.