Sunday, July 11, 2010

I feel a shopping spree in my immediate future...

Our yard sale was scheduled for 7 to 1. Floozie1 called at 5 and woke us up ,as Mary Lou and I were both too stupid to figure out how to set my alarm clock.

I went out at 6 to put the signs up and what do I see?
The same crazy black lady(the cat box lady) already parked across the street ,waiting for the gate to open.

The hoards were coming before I had even priced OR unpacked all my stuff.

It was the busiest sale we've ever had.We had 2 lulls the entire day,each lasting all of 5 minutes.

My husband gets home day after tomorrow.(Yikes!) So I have to get my house spring cleaned by then. I did NOT want a bunch of left over yard sale stuff to have to get rid of as well.

So I had this brilliant plan to hold a drawing .The lucky winner could have all my leftover stuff for FREE!They just had to pick it up within 2 days time and take every last crumb of it.

As it turned out, we were so damn busy I never even got to set up my drawing. Only one lady was ever told about the drawing.( because she had come the night before the sale ,she was a coworker of Floozie2.)

She didn't know that though. So my friend Eva (the worlds greatest bullshitter) calls the lady up and says" Hi it's Eva from the yard sale, You WON! You won the drawing!."

That lady showed up not 10 minutes later (with grouchy husband in tow) and took every last bit of my leftover stuff.

Some people really DO have all the luck :)

Amazingly, I only had about 6 boxes of stuff left.

We sold sooo much stuff ,it was unreal.Clothes ,shoes,a doggy life jacket,more junk jewelry and books than I would have ever dreamed,ugly pictures,old bedding,every single purse and boat bag ,every single piece of good home decor ,I even sold the "train your cat to use the toilet " kit I had bought when Cavuto was a baby.

O'Reilly was exhausted by the time we counted our loot.I can't believe he crammed himself into that little tiny box.

We did way better than we had anticipated. Yee haw!

Now, I must get my chores done 'cuz I have the urge to go shopping baby!

Happy Monday Peeps!

P.S. G5, I shall return your ladder today.Thanks!


Wesley said...

Hey ma,
Buy me lots of stuff!
Love ya!

going flippin nuts withbag....... said...

glad ya sold everything....poor bella will never get to try out her life jacket....her auntie sold it!..but thats good...........anyways.....uhhhhhh call me sometime.......huh...........or ya just ignori...been on a pity no smoking still wanna rip some heads smoking ...pity friggin menapausal pity pot.....did ya get all that?..........ok so now i know spelled right.....why ya don`
t call...

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Now you have some loot you wanna hit the thrift stores and bring in another load? Maybe 2nd place in the drawing was the cat box lady. That was a good idea. G5

SOUL said...

congrats on the successful sale !
i can't believe you sold a dog life jacket !! why do you never think of your baby sister in times like this? stez 'almost' bought one for eevee the other day -- but i had to put the brakes on that idea -- it cost almost 50 damn dollars. cute as ever though. sushi sure could use one too. she's never been on the boat-- and the one time eevee went - she jumped in once - and learned her lesson -- i hope.

anyhow --- have you been shoppin yet?

happy tuesday -

Blame it on the chantix said...

man now that the chantix rant is worn that stuff is evil....when you stop taking it.....sorry my friend...will you ever talk to me again?......I think I am alomost back to normal ...the upside....i still am. not smoking.....time for MY ya...

Anonymous said...

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