Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fun on the lake 2010

Starring Mr.Smocha, Smocha,Beth, Soulkid,Soul,Ian,Logan,Wes,and Melanie with cameo roles by Floozie2 and Lake Farmer


fosterlittle said...

Looks like everyone had a ball. You guys will need a week to rest up after this week.

Wesley said...

Fun times! I want to go wakeboarding again!

Anonymous said...

Great slide show! Looks like everyone had a fun time. A boat is a marvelous machine to have a lot of fun with. Great looking family - handsome sons! G5

SOUL said...

that was great- it took me forever to get over here-- my computers all hate me. laptop funeral announcement will be sent soon.
we had a lot of fun out there - thanks !
see ya soon i reckon.
love me-
ps i'm gonna hijack yer vid-- since i'll be lucky to post even that - if nothin else-

SOUL said...

fixin to attempt a post (on my desk top) wish me luck.. ugh.