Friday, July 17, 2009

Ode to my oldest.....

29 years ago today, was one of the scariest ,most painful days of my young life.

It was also the first day I ever really knew what love was.

It was the day I gave birth to my first son,Wes.
A squalling little thing ,covered in white fuzz.

My parenting skills were absolutely zero,zilch,nada. I knew nuthin' 'bout birthin' no babies. Much less how to raise one.

(Aunt Soul and Wes)

When he cried ,I cried too because I didn't know what else to do.

He was the smartest,funniest ,cutest baby ever born.

We literally had to grow up together. He was my experimental baby . Everything I did was probably wrong.

He refused to sleep. I had to pin him down in the crack of the couch at nap time and he would scream himself to sleep ,in a boiling stubborn rage.

At bed time he made me sing, tell stories and hold his eyes shut for him. Sometimes for hours!

He could throw a tantrum like nobodies business .

It soon became apparent that he was kind of a little genius. Also the only lefty in our family.

This was right before he started wailing and punched Santa right in the face.

Wes had a big thing about beauty. If his babysitters were not pretty ,he would be awful to them.

He once spit on a nun when he was 3 , because "she looked like a man."

He was a great big brother. He waited until the babies could sit up on their own before he started beating them up.

By age 3 ,he was quite the talented artist as well. His preferred medium was permanent black markers.He would draw these drawings on the wall ,sign his name and then try to say the baby did it.

Once when he was in kindergarten the bus dropped him off before I got home .

I found him at a neighbors ,eating Oreos. She said he was running down the hill ,crying and screaming "No mommy! No!"

He had a photographic memory and knew every word on his records at 3 years old.Like the "101 Dalmatians" and "the aristocats".

Wes continued to dazzle everyone with his brilliance.
He taught me to play chess when he was 6 years old.

When he started school his teachers LOVED him. His kindergarten teacher said "why can't they all be just like him."

Look at that angelic face. Smart and stubborn doesn't always equal angelic.

He once locked his brothers out on the roof of the house while I was at work. His excuse....."I was trying to teach them not to go out there."

When we first got a computer I got an $800.00 phone bill because he had spent hours and hours downloading songs by Curt Cobain.

He had the teenage angst like all teenagers do ,but he never took it out on his mom.He was always sweet to his momma.

He used to make me coffee every morning and bring it to me ,just so he could spend time talking to me before he left for school.

Letting him grow up and leave me was one of the hardest things I've ever done.

He once got robbed at gunpoint during his first years on his own .He did not even tell me about it until much later because he knew I would totally flip out.

In spite of his teenage mother ,he has grown up to be an awesome man.

He's disciplined,(don't know where he got that from) has his own business, great credit,and he's still sweet,smart, funny and cute.

It's always been a joy to be your mom .

Happy Birthday my adorable son! Love Mom

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desert dirt diva said...

i'm first I'm first, to say happy wes...and good job you have done my friend with your boys...

Anonymous said...

I LOVE those pics. Brought back many,uh HUM, great memories!! lol.
I remember once during easter. We told Wes we were eating the Easter rabbit (we DID have rabbit that day,sorry,my mom IS German!). He just said in his most non chalant * year old voice "So?". I was sooooo mad!! I really wanted to see him cry! Sorry, Wes, I only want the best for you buddy,REALLY!
Love, Auntie Audrey LOL!

Creative Problem Solver said...

Love you too ma!
Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

Anonymous said...

You're a good mom and author... to each child, you write like they're the best child yet. Recently you wrote about Ian. Good, to you they're all tops equal! Come, Jennifer -- come, Jennifer! Ready to tell the kids bye after 5 days! aj

Anonymous said...

Weis is a pretty awesome fellow. He crosses my mind often during my days and I always smile or chuckle when I think about him.

He is an great guy as are his brothas.

Happy Birthday Weis.

Your Punkle Stez

Golden To Silver Val said...

What a great tribute to who sounds like a terrific son! You did good, mom...even though you didn't think you knew how, you raised him well. Happy Birthday Wes. Have you continued your art? I can't believe you drew that at only THREE! Its great! (isn't it something that moms hang onto stuff like that? LOL)

Anonymous said...

A great tribute to Wes. Happy Birthday, Wes! 29 is good. Smocha needs to write a book. A chapter each for 3 sons, with pics. They do grow up and suddenly, they're gone. G5

myomyohi said...

Happy Birthday Wes.
Smocha, you did good.

bettyl said...

Happy Birthday!

Looks like you have plenty of blackmail photos all along the way!

SOUL: said...

i know i'm late for this post--- and yet another--which makes THREE for THREE happy birthdays! i hope he had a great one.

this post almost made me cry. if i wouldn't have fought to not start my busy days with a cry , i would have just let it go.

me and wes kinda grew up together too in a way--- which reminds me-- thanks a bunch for posting the WHALE pic. i can't believe how huge i am there-- and what's with the head towel thing? ugh. niiice.

but he has always been beautiful, inside and out.

i must go lest i cry.

he has always been respectful of me as well.

which btw-- the gucky pic-- you didn't comment about... i don't even have that picture-- how did you end up with it?? i love it.

i love all of your kids--- and i miss all of you.


dddiva said...

Stopping by from BPOTW.
Great post- looks like you did a great job with your son (and he with you).

Jeve (aka John and Steve) said...

Stop it! This is sweet overload. Seriously, I'm such a sap this made me all tingly inside. Awesome job on this.

Anonymous said...

I see you put a lot of work into this one A. I respect it!! Good luck and keep up the good work.

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