Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July ,here in Paradise

Happy belated 4th of July Peeps!

Hope you all had a wonderful day here in the land of the free and the brave.

I did. I took the boat out early ,around 10 A.M.
The lake was not too busy yet so the choice spots were still ready for the pickin'.

Floozie 2,LakeFarmer and Floozie2's brother ,Fordman and his wife Princess all came out on their boat and tied up with me.

Pretty soon, it became obvious that even with 3 anchors down, the wind would not allow us to keep from drifting right into everyone else's boats.

After moving several times we decided to leave Old Fogey cove and try for calmer waters over in Skinny dip cove.

That cove was so packed I don't think 2 more boats could have even fit in there.

We wound up going to a very small unknown cove and quickly began drifting right into some peoples dock. The people (who happened to be lying on their dock) were none too happy with us. We could tell by the evil death glances they were shooting in our direction.

Our boats were already tied together when Lakefarmer tried a desperate measure.....pulling straight toward the shore and tying up to trees.
I pictured the front of our boat crashing right into the tree or the shore. (they have no brakes on them boats! :)

So I got on the front and tried to lasso the tree in time to slow the boat down. Well...naturally I fall right off the front of the boat ,into the water right onto slimy rocks. The water was about 10 inches deep and then immediately dropped off to deep water .Lovely. After scraping my leg to shreds on slimy rocks, I was able to get the rope around my tree and tie it up though a bunch of weeds ,which I was hoping was not poison ivy.(so far so good)

Well, lucky for us the plan worked like a charm. We were able to stay put for the rest of the day.

Having to pull up anchors ,ropes, rafts and coolers to move every 5 minutes can really suck the fun out of boating.

We had a lovely rest of the afternoon roasting ourselves to a sunburned crisp.Ok, and maybe a little drinking :)

I asked ,invited.....BEGGED Floozie 2 "If you guys go out to dinner will you PLEASE take me?"

They did go and they did take me.
We went to the Barb-Q place where Floozie2's daughter Conehead works. Man was it yummy. The prefect 4th of July, meal with none of the work.

Trust me, fireing up the grill and bar-b-q-ing for ONE is not fun

.Calories don't count on holidays, right?

After dinner we took a drive up to West mountain and saw the view of our town from way up in the sky. It was pretty cool until we saw a possible drug deal goin' down and cut our visit short. We skeedaddled out of there. Thanks for letting me tag along y'all!

The fireworks were supposed to be done out on the lake tonight ,not last night. From the sound of it ,I won't be surprised if it was actually last night and I missed them.I had also missed my nap. So by 9 p.m. I could no longer keep my eyes open. I went to bed to the extremely loud sounds of fireworks. They could have been right in my own yard and I would have been too tired to go outside and watch them.


Figaro D. Stringpoo

It is with great shock and sorrow that I must tell you Figaro was found DIB (dead in bowl) this morning.
I managed to keep him alive longer than any fish (or plant ) in my lifetime.

Cavuto and I loved you as much as anyone could love a 28 cent fish.Good bye Figaro. We will miss you our shiny little friend.


Creative Problem Solver said...

"Cavuto and I loved you as much as anyone could love a 28 cent fish.Good bye Figaro. We will miss you our shiny little friend."

SOUL: said...

RIP little figaro. great name for a fish-- that should be our next dogs name. you know there will be one someday. hopefully not any time too soon.

sounds like a good day. happy you didn't have to spend it alone.

does cavuto look for the fishy?

luv me

desert dirt diva said...

oh so long little long!

sounds like you had a good day with same great people.....

Anonymous said...

poor fishy... I thought they lived longer than that. Several years ago I was house sitting next door, before Walmart was here. The kid's pet goldfish died the day they were to come home. I ran to the bait store and replaced it with one 3 times the size, hoping they wouldn't notice! Who is the couple with yall? aj

Anonymous said...

Aw, so sad about Figaro. He lasted a lot longer than the others and now what will Cavuto do for entertainment? Took our daughter and her two kids to Skinny Dippers Cove for 4th. We were there for 4 hours - roasting - along with 150 other boats. We looked for y'all. About an hour after we arrive, daughter says she hasn't seen any skinny dippin'. We tell her all that takes place over in Old Fogies' Cove, plus the Sheriff boat cruised thru there about every half hour, like a Great White. The lake roach stopped and talked to a couple boats but couldn't see if he was writin' tickets. The fireworks on the water were great tonight except we were downwind and the smoke obscured the show a lot. We thought we saw your huge boat. G5