Saturday, February 26, 2011

Toothache Hell

Last weekend my tooth started hurting. Monday I found a dentist with an english website and made myself the soonest available appointment. Unfortunately that was not until Wednesday at 1:30.The pain continued to worsen. By Wednesday ,it was so bad that hubby told me to "take a taxi" to my appointment. By 11:00 that day ,I was in such agony ,I decided to go early and hope for a cancellation.I had this brilliant plan that I would take the metro to Norreport and then get a taxi from there. While standing out in the cold ,looking for a taxi the dentist called me and said "can you come a little early?"
I am on my way!

I go up to a taxi's window, I show the guy the address where I need to go and the fool tells me " oh that's not far enough for a taxi."

My ass! I then got to take my throbbing face and walk about a mile and a half,in the freezing cold wind and snow until I found the dentists office.

The dentist turns out to be this young blonde girl and she's wearing these weird "toe shoes" ,rubber shoes with seperate toes.Whatever, I would have trusted Edward Sissorhands at this point. Just make the PAIN stop!

So little girl takes an xray and tells me that I have an infection under my tooth .(ya think?)
She has the hygenist come , (this one is about 15 years old) she gouges her sharp pointy things under my tooth and then injects two syrenges of stuff under there. The first one tasted just like peroxide.

That's it. No pain pills,no antibiotics. I said "is this all, this is going to make it stop hurting?"

Apparntly so.They send me on my throbbing way.

I see a bus stop up the next block so instead of walking the mile and a half back to Norreport ,I hop on the next bus. it stops at Central Station so I think "oh,I can take the train home from there."
meanwhile,my tooth is hurting worse than ever now. I stand down on the platform ,freezing ,with my whole face throbbing as I watch the screen say the train is late. Every few minutes ,it gets later.
When I'm ready to throw myself in front of the next train,mine finally arrives.I then have to walk home from my train station.

Once home, I consult Dr.Google for "home remedies for toothache agony pain" I try all kinds of crazy concoctions. Vanilla extract,garlic,cloves,advil overdose.None of it touches the pain.

I spend the night on Nytol,wide awake ,crying with a hot sock full of raw rice on my face. The next morning I order some amoxicillion from the internet.(it'll only take 2 weeks to get here)
I call the dentist and say "whatever they did is NOT helping at all! "
"We'll have to call you back. "

Repeat day and night of increasing torturous pain.they never called me back.Yesterday,before throwing myself off the balcony,I sat in the shower with scalding water spraying at the side of my face for an hour.then called the dentist back. They said "can you come in half an hour?"

Not unless I do this. Throw hat on my wet uncombed hair,throw clothes on ,call hubby bawling and tell him to call me a taxi.

By the time I got in the dentist chair, I was sure I was going to die at any second. Little girl comes in ,in her duck shoes and after she pries my clenched hands off the chair, she gives me 2 shots ,(which do nothing) then she herself ,injects some more stuff under my tooth.It hurt SOOO bad ,I was bawling my head off.Then she gave me some pills and a prescription for antibiotics and "pain pills".

If you can call 600 mg. Motrin ,pain pills. Ha!

She then tells me "there's no charge because this is a follow up from the other day"
I must have looked really poor or she knew that they screwed up the other day.

So, I leave there looking like a bawling ,wet haired mental patient. I walk through the wind and snow to the bus stop again, this time I skip the train! I had planned on taking the bus to amergerbro and filling my prescriptions ,then taking the Metro home from there. Well, the bus stopped at Christainhaven, I saw a pharmacy right accross the street,so I got off there.I got my pills and took the Metro,then had to walk home from there. When I got home ,I heated up my rice sock and got in bed and prayed for mercy.

I am happy to report that I am now (for this moment) in a livable state of pain.Oh please ,let it be over.

I got this new baby Monday and I've been too wrecked to even touch it . I've been begging for one for 3 years!

Hopefully I'll be back to normal soon .

excuse my typos......

Happy Saturday peeps!


Jamie said...

Oh my gosh----you poor thing. What a bunch of hell for you to have to endure. I am praying for relief for you today. Biggest hugs.

star, simplified said...

You poor baby! This sounds like a nightmare! There's no pain worse than a toothache! It sounds to me as if you might need to seek out another dentist if the pain doesn't go away.

I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Take care, Sweetie.

Vicki said...

Oh my gosh, that is so awful...hope you feel better soon........big hugs friend, if your up to talking call me or shall I say when your up to talking... Love me

Nocturnal Queen said...

I'm so sorry you've been in such horrendous pain! I hope everything is well soon.

Anonymous said...

She shoulda given you an Rx for a pain pill - like hydrocodone - and an anti-biotic. The initil injection was an anti-biotic direct to the site. If it still hurts, find another dentist. G5

Happy Homemaker UK said...

You poor thing - that sounds awful. So great to have found your lovely blog :)

Happy Homemaker UK said...

You poor thing - that sounds awful. So great to have found your lovely blog :)