Sunday, February 6, 2011


Ugh! I'm soo mad about the changes made on blogger. Nothing works any more. I can't move my pictures, I can't change my design, I can't even put text into a post once I have pictures.

I can not email for help, even my counter doesn't work any more. My computer "knows" that I am in all my shit is in Danish.

I'm ready to pull my hair out. I'm also blinder by the day .I can barely see ,much less read and try to decifer Danish. I feel like mary Ingalls when she slowly went blind.

I have wasted 3 entire days of my life ,waiting for cat litter to be delivered.The wind has been beyond gale force, for days. I had to wear an itchy wool hat .My hair looks like dog crap.I'm still fat,even though YES...I'm back on a few cigarettes....(yes, I KNOW you're ashamed of me .So am I!)
My spouse nags enough for all of you , trust me on need people, no need.

I've also wasted exasperating days of my life ...searching for a set of sheets. Such a simple thing ,no? Well, an impossible thing ...HERE!

I finally ventured out and pieced blue jersey fitted sheet, one black "Plain sheet" (flat) 4 crappy ,no thread count pillow cases, and 2 crappy duvet covers. Ta da!
We now have a conglomeration of a sheet set, in oh such a lovely pattern too.

While i was out in the ghetto, errr...somewhere buying the sheet parts, i took a few pictures as I was walking accross the bridge with the wind blowing my itchy wool head off.

You will have to peice all the pictures to what goes with what....

The only other news I have is tomorrow, I have a blind "girl date" .LOL
I have a blind date with a potential girl friend. (as you know, I mean friend ,friend,by that. Fellow crazy cat woman. )

I'll let ya'll know how it goes ;)

See the damn unorganized pics below. (click 'em to make 'em big)



do my eyes seem too far apart to you?

Annoyer cat...errr adorable cat :)

Bunny cat

Naked guy with many babies. I have no idea.

old school

looks just like the olden days,no?

really old horse at the blue cross thrift store

awesome pic at the same place

dishes up for bid

cute bag I got for 10 kronar
hideous BEFORE

Note the grafftiti

How 'bout now? such a shame. It's every where

so ugly ,I should remove it.

Luv Me


Vicki says said...

You my friend are way too hard on your self....ok the sheets, I understand...but other than that..those are great pictures, you feel off the cig wagon, that's ok, try again...stop beating yourself up! The man with all the babies, he would be a old roman whore baby daddy, lol....and the old rocking horse is way awesome, so is the purse.....sorry bout the cat litter, it will get there, and good luck with your,playdate......
Love me.....

Jamie said...

I love your pics and your writing. I'll bet blogger in danish is difficult, it sounds like the little things that make you crazy there.

Good luck with your crazy cat lady date. I think that's awesome!

Hugs. :)

Nocturnal Queen said...

Great pictures. Shame about the graffiti. I hate graffiti. I hope you get the kitty litter soon.

Anonymous said...

I thought the before bed sheets looked quite nice. ? Nice pics. My fav is the bunny on the keyboard. He really looks totally relaxed. Nice purse. G5

Midwest to Midlands said...

Those dishes and the rocking horse at the thrift store makes me want to go to Denmark for that kind of stuff. I don't know about the blogger changes even though I have blogger. I got Windows Live Writer quite a while ago- it's free and you have a lot more options to do your posts. Maybe you can check into it? I have a "girl" date tomorrow too! Good luck to us both!
PS Don't they have cats in Denmark, what do they use there for kitty litter? just wondering.

Anonymous said...

I want the old hourse! and the blue dishes! more snow expected this week but 50's saturday! aj

Anonymous said...

the dude with all the babies? i do garnishments for my company and I have a dude with eight different kid and after checking some of them, we noticed that a couple of the women were pregnant at the same Im glad to see that he has a statue of him somewhere...he slutty.