Friday, February 11, 2011

A jumble of a story.......


  Ola ya'll,

I'm still having insurmountable problems with blogger ,once I put pictures ..I can't put text.
Gah!'s the story with yesterdays pictures.

Well...I must back track first , night before last we went out to dinner with a coupld of hubby's work guys. We went to Royal Garden chinese restaurant .My "blind girl date " reccommended it to me. I must say it was fabulous.

Although, we had a hell of a time finding the place , reason being, I was supposed to print the directions...AND my husband was supposed to meet me at the subway at 6:45.
I forgot to print them and he forgot to quit working.

Well, I get to the meeting spot. No one is there. Pretty soon ,one of the guys shows up. So him and I wind up walking around for an hour looking for the place.
(and waiting for them )

The wind was blowing our heads off. He offered me his hat at one point . I was all " I have one in my bag, thanks , I was just hoping to not have to ruin my hair."

We asked for directions twice, walked...walked...found dark streets ,found an oriental strip Royal Garden. We finally walked BACK where we started and went into some place and got a drink ,while we WAITED for the rest of them to QUIT working!

I sat there having a drink with my spouses friend/coworker ,telling HIM all about my "girl date".

Hubby finally shows up in a cab to get us. We get to the restaurant and realize that we had been right down the street from there, we just walked the wrong direction.Gah!

I started writing this last night, it's now the next morning and I have no idea of what dinner had to do with the story of the pictures now. Damn you ,senility!
Perhaps I just wanted to tell you about dinner. lol

We had some crispy duck that was to die for! And we even got to take a cab all the way home. Woot! anyhow...the next day I was supposed to take hubbys suit pants to the dry cleaners. The dry cleaners is over by the cemetary where I took pictures, a while back.

I took the train over to Taarnby,walked a few blocks to the dry cleaners and then I was planning to check out the shops by the train station for some shoes for hubby.
Right as I get back to the train station I see a bus pull up and it says "Dragor" on the front of it. Dragor ,as it turns out, is where my husband has been ordering the cat litter from.
You know, the cat litter I wasted days of my life waiting for!

I could have just taken a suitcase and picked the shit up, if I knew where the "dog and cat store " was, in Dragor.

So, I haul ass and jump on that bus, hoping I will see the cat litter store. About 5 minutes into the ride, we're out in the country. I'm talking fields, horses, farmland.
Pretty soon I can see the water, and the huge bridge .I am assuming that is the bridge that goes over to Malmo ,Sweden.

Next thing you know we're in this gorgeous little village with all yellow buildings.I hopped off the bus and walked around taking the pictures you saw. I can't wait to go back there when it's warmer and things are blooming. Wow! was it a cool little place.

I never did see the cat litter store ,but it's there somewhere :)

                                           There you have it....the rest of the story  and a peek into my flea brain. :)

                                                     Happy Friday Peeps!


Anonymous said...

Great story about dinner...things change, but really they don't so much! LOL I missed the stuff about the girl date. Can only imagine!
Nice bus ride and finding that small isn't life an adventure!

Anonymous said...

Glad that you found a good place to eat. Crispy duck - ahhhh!! Good. You must tell us all about your girl date, now that you have prodded everyone's curiosity about it. Perhaps you can get the phone no. or address of the cat litter source and get some directions. Someday I would like to have a large print of that little narrow alley way pic - it is greatness. G5