Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Yeah,but can she sew?

You know you’re senile when……..

Picture it…a couple weeks ago, right as we are hit with a horrid cold snap with tornado type wind, the zipper breaks on the hood to my giant puffy coat. I bought the coat just a couple months ago but I no longer have the damn receipt.

After a few days of suffering with an itchy wool hat (and hair thus ruined for the entire day) I get the brilliant idea to pin the hood back on with safety pins. (Go me!)

This was no easy task; I carefully shoved each pin through the down fabric, being sure to hide the pins.

Ta da! It worked like a charm too.

look ma...no visible pins

Imagine my horror, when I hung the coat on a hook in the dentists’ office I see THIS:

No wonder people were laughing at me

I had been going around like that for 2 weeks!

A senile bag lady , yep, that’s me.

p.s. perhaps that's why my second visit to the dentist was "no charge"

P.s. 2  and on that note ,I am thrilled to say that my frekin pain is nearly gone. I love you antibiotics!

                     I'll get caught up with ya'll soon!

                              Happy Tuesday!


Jamie said...

I am so happy that you feel better! And I think the safety pins added a nice little shiny touch. :)

Golden To Silver Val said...

No sweat! Just tie a scarf around your neck OUTSIDE your coat. I think they make some stuff that GLUES stuff together just like sewing. Mighty Mend or something like that. I used it once on a chair cushion and it worked well. How are you doing with your Kindle? Download INVISIBLE, An Ivy Malone Mystery. Its free and its good. (from Amazon)

The Vegetable Assassin said...

Maybe you'll start a new trend - post punk rock style safety pins. :) Hey at least your hood stays put.