Thursday, March 17, 2011

Freezing trip to the zoo....part 1 (click 'em to make them big)

2 cool blue frogs

weird trees

one hump or two?

give me some sugar!

big bird cage

looks like giant bunnies

until they stand up. what are they??

how about some green sticks? dry dead twigs .....ugh

what, like you never had a bad hair day?

don't look at my baby!

ut oh! what's missing here?

I'm too depressed to get up to eat.


pillars of Copenhagen
what am I?
the dinosaur house?
my hump is broken and I'm freezing.

look deep into my eye

ahhh youth...

my hemmroids are killing me.

these kids ,so clingy.

Bradley :)

freezing giraffe convention

I hate this place

do you mind?

this bra is sooo not ME,I requested a nice leopard print.

Ugh! I'm hideous! Why wasn't I told about this?

will you get me out of here?

it's pretty bad when even the zoo is depressing


Brad said...

Hi Honey! - So sweet of you to include a pic of me! (9th from the bottom above the giraffes)

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

- "My you be resting in heaven an hour before the devil knows your dead!"

Anonymous said...

What is the 7th picture down of ? Looks akmost like a giant rabbit out of Alice's Lookingglass! 77 degrees now, come on spring!

myomyohi said...

Interesting pictures. That first camel reminds me of someone....

I'm wondering what let itself out that open gate....

Are there two blue frogs or just one and a reflection?

Thanks for taking us along.

Jamie said...

Awesome pics! I hate zoos- they make me sad, but every time I have been to one, I also get some really great shots. Just a thought - if you were going to ride a camel, where would you sit? Between the humps, behind the humps...not that I am planning on camel riding anytime soon.

I so hope that your winter goes away soon. How long until it typically warms up there? Do the seasons run about the same as here?

Big hugs. Hang in, it has to warm up soon. :)

Wesley said...

Nice photos. that new camera is bitchin!

Anonymous said...

Great pics! The one of the elephant head between the columns is incredibly fantastic. Freezing there? Today was 77. Took my son and his family to Oaklawn for the races. The 2 older boys, 8 and 6, picked their horses, in add'n to the adults picking theirs. Guess who won the most money! G5
PS On the way home, we stopped at Wal-Mart and the boys bought Legos with their winnings.