Monday, November 22, 2010

Ow! that trash shute is sharp.....

And so it begins.......

Winter in Copenhagen. This is what we woke up to this morning.


Yesterday, I went down to our storage bin and got that big suitcase out.I then walked down to the Metro with my huge empty suitcase in tow , rode the Metro to the last stop then walked through Vanlose with my suitcase, to the wonderful store called Jysk.

We were in dire need of a table or shelf of some sort to hold all the electronic crap,which is all over the living room.

I got that bookcase (pictured next to the suitcase) and then got to finagle it home in my huge wheeled suitcase.

A sight that would be laughable back home, not that uncommon here.Welcome to my world :)


Night before last , after much searching, I finally found my arctic snowblast of a coat.

As it was clearly designed for 6 foot tall ,statuesqe types,believe me when I say that it makes me look exactly like the michilin tire man .

Next up was to get some snow boots.No big deal right? Wrong!

Last night I went to the biggest mall in scandinavia and the women were all on snow boot buying frenzy.

They had snatched up every pair of decent looking boots in the entire mall. All that was left were navy blue or gold moon boots.

Was it because they were on sale ,cheap? No! It was because those bitches KNEW it was going to snow last night.

I came home empty handed and now must go out in cold, rubber wellies to find some freaking boots, somewhere.

Maybe one of these too cuz I'm sexy like that.


Last weekend, I actually did go find the flea market.

It was no easy task to get there. A subway, a bus and a very longgggg walk thru a bad-ish neighborhood.

It was freezing BTW.

Anyhow, the flea market was huge and had a ton of stuff.The problem was, none of the stuff had prices. As a rule, I don't like that.If I had bought anything major I have no idea how I could have made it home. All I bought were a bunch of kitchen utensils and a coffee press. (Hubby was upset that I did not buy a table and carry it home) yeah right!

They had a bunch of these kind of things ,which I was very tempted to buy .(For the house back home)
Maybe I'll go back when it's warmer and get some.

And finally......How gross was my shower?

The shower is VERY tall.So they had patched this yellowish material onto a blue and white shower curtain.

The hooks were all rusty. I'm pretty sure the entire creation had never been removed and laundered.

You can imagine my joy every time the ugly thing wafted towards me and clung to my naked body.

heeby jeebies? anyone?(and I mean over the curtain, not my naked body)

Something had to be done. But what????

I stumbled upon these things on Amazon Uk. (don't ask how,cuz I have no clue) and inspiration struck me.

Thanks to those cheapy key chains and jysk.....

Ta da!

Now if I could just find some tablecloth weights for the bottom of it ..........


In other exciting expat-y news......I was recently thrilled beyond words to find a box of yep...crackers. Woo hoo! real crackers and they even had salt on them. Bite me you saw dust flavored WASA crisps. you will never darken my doorstep again.

I aslo scraped the shit out of my arm yesterday on the disgusting garbage shute,trying to stuff my overfull trash into the thing. Hope I don't get gangreen.

Oh yeah....hubs has agreed that we can go out to eat for Thanksgiving.There's is an American restaurant doing up the whole turkey dinner thing.

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

I'll be thinking about ya!

love me


Wesley said...

Nice work on the curtain. The old one left much to be desired eh?

I'm making that sweet potato casserole this evening for tomorrow... *drool noise*

love ya

Anonymous said...

Well, yeah there are weather forecasts that will tell peeps when it is supposed to snow. But, too late now I guess. Good luck on the boots. Happy a Happy Thanksgiving! Getting all the way down to 28 here Friday which will be brutal. G5

Jamie said...

I love the adventures that you have. It would be fun...if it weren't always so damned COLD where you go. Why can't hubby get transferred to a tropical island?

Happy Thanksgiving, Smocha. Hugs. :)

Mary said...

Good job on the shower curtain. Necessity is the mother of invention - right? It's good to learn that you have some shopping options even if they are a pain to get to.

Have a great turkey day. I know your family will be thinking of you and wishing you were with them

myomyohi said...

Good job with the shower curtain. Very creative. What do you want me to send you for Christmas?

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vicki said...

Love the picture of the snow far below..and that coat is so friggin cute..I want one...yes good job on the shower curtain....very inventive..Omg I would die to go to that swap meet... love all the really cool stuff!The boots are really cute too..And i have a life size picture of you halling that thing down the street!........well I miss ya.. and the very best part of end my day was talking to you! :)