Saturday, November 20, 2010

The excitement never ends

The other day ,after walking ( freezing) and taking a subway (freezing) ,then taking a bus( freezing) and finally walking a long way in the wrong direction (freezing) ,I found the equivalant of Sams club. Woo hoo!!

I was giddy with excitement. I went thru each aisle and looked at all the things I had come to believe did not exsist in Denmark,such as phone cords.

Oh the prices ,they were so much better than every place else I have been. The meat, fish and vegetables had their own seperate chilled areas.It was like being inside a huge refrigerator.

They gave me a "one day" pass and said I was limited to spend 4,000 danish kroner.

The problem was , I was limited to what would fit in my backpack and a big tj maxx bag ,while still being able to make it home by walking,bus,subway and more walking.

I was devastated about all the stuff I could not buy.They had the coolest dishes ,laundry baskets , trash cans , huge bottles of booze , giant bags of vegetables,enormous packs of cheese and cheap boots ! I didn't even go down the Christams decoration aisles.

Later that night, out of the blue ,I excitedly screeched to my husband "OMG!
YOU can get a "one day "pass too!

We'll be back there :-)


I think we've been here about 3 weeks and I have been totally isolated due to the inabiltiy to find any phone cords to set up our vonage phone.

I have not spoken to anyone for ages.I am going batty with the need to call my kids.

Well like I mentioned above, that great store "Metro" had the elusive phone cords. Vonage should be up and working today! Woot!

(I'll be calling people when it's day time out in America) Damn you, time difference!


I had to order some stuff from the UK because I could not find it here. Such as throw rugs, a laundry airer, and I can't remember what else. But my point is, I'm stuck here until that stuff is delivered. They sent a little pair of hand weights seperately and then left a slip in the mailbox saying we had a package at the post office. Lovely. That meant ,since we didn't know "which" stuff was at the post office hubby had to walk there pushing a dolly through the freezing wind and snow to retrieve said package. As it turned out ,it was just the laundry airer (aka:old lady clothes rack)
I could tell that his little journey left him in an awesome mood.

That is why I have no exciting adventures to report. Damn drugery keeps getting in the way.

Last night we both took a nytol. I was shocked this morning when I woke up at 10 a.m. !
I had big plans today to go to a flea market (since hubby is here to wait on packages) I think it's probably going to be too late by the time I get ready and clean up this sty. It looks like the wind may have died down too.

I'm out'a here. Have a great day Peeps!


Vicki said...

it all sounds so exciting!So am i guessing right you have no vehicule to drive yet.. will you be getting one, this time? or is the driving sit, still the same as it was in engaland? I am hoping I am on your lists of phone calls...
love me!

Anonymous said...

Use the tj maxx bag at your own rish; I read just the other day, after using the reuse bags they break down, exposing you to lead AND lead poisoning! Use big tote bags. I bought one of those old lady dryers that expands to dry my underwear. Paid a dollar at sos and just found one in a catolog for 39 bucks! As you say whoowhoo!

lisa said...

Glad you are settling in. If you found a sam's club-like place then you are set. LOL!! I heard from another expat that they 'go across' the border to pick up grocery items every month cause it is so much cheaper. Best of luck and enjoy your first danish winter!!

Anonymous said...

So - sounds like neither you nor hub have a car? First priority should be to get some wheels. Nice you found that store! and do hope you can find it back. Brace yourself for cold and dress right, you are in Denmark. Denmark will be way colder than UK. Snows too. Thanks so much for posting a blog - didnt know if you had sunk in the Baltic Sea or not. Ha! G5